Tuesday, February 15, 2011


A lovely Saturday morning on the 13th of December 2008, we organized a visit to an orphanage at Kapar, Klang. The name of the home is PHILEA KIDS HOME.  6 of us visited the home. We actually planned this visit a few months ago that was in July.  We knew this home from Kavita who is a friend of us. We have been to a few homes before but those trips were organized by some other organizations. This time around we planned to come up with our own plan. The purpose of this visit was to donate some stationary and uniforms to the kids as schooling day was just around the corner. We also brought some food along for them.  The place is run by a lady named Mrs. Yoges. She works as a teacher and at the same time, she runs the home too. She has around 26 kids under her care ages ranging from 3 to 17 years old. These are young lives fractured by alcoholic, drug-addicted and abusive parents or desperate single mothers. 

We were very much welcomed by the kids from the home. We had high expectation on the outlook of the house but it wasn’t a very big house that can have a very big group of orphans there. It’s just a small house which has 3 rooms in it. Aunty Yoges also rents another home nearby for the boys to stay. They also have a small library and a computer centre. 

We love to see these kids. They really love all of us whom went to visit them. The kids are so lovely and they are really in need of love from their parents. At such young age they are left by their parents who are not responsible at all. One thing we admire in them is that they work together as a big family. They take care of each other and we can see that they are very close in relationship among each other.

The above picture, the small cute girl is the youngest one at the home. She is only 3 years old. She loves to be with us, always wanting someone to carry, talk and play with her.

Of course, the kids love my camera very much. Not only my camera, my friends also captured the sweet moment with mobile phones and compact camera. Their smiles and laughter are out from their pure and clean heart.

Of course, every kid is full of potential skills. They love to dance, sing and are also active in sports. The caretaker also conducts classes like cooking and tailoring for the older ones so that they can acquire some extra skills in life.


We distributed things such as school bags, uniforms, shoes, stationary and workbooks. Below are some of the pictures taken when we gave it. They were indeed very happy to receive them. New stuffs to go back to school in the New Year. 


At the end of the day, the kids were very happy to receive us there and also the gifts. The “caring for all” action is to be carried out continuously to help more people and the society. 

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